Win at Marketing with Gamification

At Karrot, our goal is to provide a turnkey, game-inspired sales training solution to help motivate and engage your sales professionals.

Why Karrot Works

Karrot gamification campaigns use fun quizzes and prizes to encourage active involvement with your training. The Karrot method focuses on developing information retention and brand engagement to enhance your people's performance.

Reliable Prize Fulfillment

Delivering your sales team’s rewards accurately and on time is critical for maintaining their enthusiasm and trust. Karrot manages the entire prize fulfillment process to ensure that every player is properly rewarded for their good work.


A Variety of Games to Choose From
Content and theme is chosen by the client. Most games can be finished by the learner in 5 minutes.
Comprehensive Reporting
The campaign portal provides you with a real-time snapshot of your entire campaign activity.
Learn Anywhere
Gamification campaigns are easily acessible from most computers and mobile devices.
Prize Fulfillment
We handle all the details of prize fulfillment, whether the rewards are electronic or physical.
Simplified Tax Forms
No need to trouble your accountants with any tax filings related to our campaign; we handle the 1099 tax form for you.
Sweepstakes Available
In addition to the normal prize fulfillment, Karrot also offers the opportunity for your workers to compete for one grand prize.

Want to take a test drive?

If you want to learn about how Karrot would assist you, contact our team for a consultation. We can provide you with examples showing how our services can be applied to your particular situation.
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How Gamification Can Improve Your Training

Gamification avoids many of the pitfalls of traditional, in-person sales training. Save your resources and get better results by using gamification to solve these common sales training problems.

Time Inefficiencies
Motivated and self driven individuals, salespeople feel restrained by needlessly lengthy training events and conference calls. When asked, most salespeople reported feeling that the time spent at these events takes away from selling.
Expensive In-Person Events
The costs associated with in-person training events makes staging such gatherings impractical and prohibitively expensive (venue space rental, various accomodations, etcetera).
Low Retention Rates
Even after considerable planning, coordination, and execution, far too many training courses simply go in one ear vand out the other. Archiac teaching techniques and unengaging presentations fail to achieve long-term information retention.
Short Attention Spans
The advent of the internet has tremendously accelerated the way we all conduct business, but our attention spans aren't what they used to be. Accustomed to jumping from one topic or task to another in rapid succession, being forced to endure long training sessions causes our minds to wander and lose focus.
About Us
We created Karrot to provide businesses with a better way to train their sales professionals. Karrot uses game-inspired lesson design and fun prizes to motivate learning. Our gamification methods develop your sales team's product knowledge and enhance their sales performance.
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